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Mantua Books Ltd. is growing by leaps and bounds! Check back frequently for new titles and new authors! (See our 'News' section for details on our latest books!) The following titles are available at various retail sites online. Please note that all pricing is shown in US dollars.

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Identity and Prejudice

Identity and Prejudice by Farrell Bloch presents a theoretical analysis addressing why individuals are biased against certain race and ethnic groups but in favor of others. The book discusses diversity, intersectionality, white privilege, political correctness, identity politics, and self-hate. Bloch applies his theoretical framework to explain the increased black-white intermarriage rate in the United States, European and American reaction to Muslim immigration, anti-Israel sentiment, and many other contemporary issues.  Identity and Prejudice will prove an invaluable asset for those studying or assessing prejudice and discrimination, and will stimulate general readers with its unusual and probing insights into past and current controversies.

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The Crack-Up of the Israeli Left

The Crack-Up of the Israeli Left by Mordechai Nisan examines in detail and depth the cultural, ideological, and political mutation of the Israeli Left. The author discerns how the Left detached its moorings from reality and principle, raised its voice against the Zionist enterprise, and chose surrender to the Arab enemy. This book is a compelling indictment that minces no words, yet ultimately seeks reconciliation between the Right and the Left in a spirit of unity for Israel in the days ahead.

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Le multiculturalisme, ce doux mensonge

Tout autre auteur qui aurait écrit ce livre aurait pu être fustigé pour s’être aventuré si loin de la rectitude politique et(ou) peut-être même ostracisé pour cause de racisme apparent. Salim Mansur, lui, a réussi ce coup de maître car il est lui-même arrivé à la culture occidentale comme immigrant. Né à Calcutta, en Inde, il est arrivé au Canada sans le sou il y a près de 40 ans. Et le Canada lui a offert des possibilités. Après avoir obtenu un doctorat en Sciences politiques, il est devenu professeur, journaliste, et l’un des membres fondateurs de Citoyens contre les attentats suicides, dont les efforts ont permis l’adoption du projet de loi S-215 visant à modifier le code criminel de façon à préciser que la définition d’« activité terroriste » comprend les attentats suicides à la bombe. C’est Mansur qui en parle le mieux.

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The Case Against Jihad

From The Case Against Jihad - “Since Jihadists believe that the Quran’s edicts are timeless, they believe that the call for Jihad is also timeless. However, Jihad was fought at a time in history when the entire world was embroiled in colonial and territorial wars. Jihad needs to be contextualized for that era. Sociopolitical conditions are never identical, hence what was justified in one particular political context, cannot be justified in another. At that time, the tribal groups of Arabia followed a tribal view of retaliation that simply cannot be implemented today.”

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The Qur'an Problem and Islamism

The Qur’an Problem and Islamism is about religion and politics, Muslims and Islam, and their internal debate about Islamic reform and what it entails. The challenge of any text lies in how it is understood. Any reform of Islam to assist Muslims to reconcile with the modern world must begin with a positive resolution of the “Qur’an problem.”

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The Ideological Path to Submission: ...and what we can do about it, by Howard Rotberg

Rotberg traces the ideological path resulting from the ideology of excessive tolerance which he calls "tolerism", which path poses a danger of possible submission to the anti-liberal values of the Islamists.

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Back to the Ethic: Reclaiming Western Values, by Diane Weber Bederman

We are living in an era of dis-ease. Our belief systems are under attack from external threats of terrorism, and internal threats from the extreme policies of tolerance, inclusion and accommodation that open the door to  behaviors that are anathema to our hard won western freedoms that sadly, too many take for granted. We are losing our connection to the foundation, the very root of Western civilization: ethical monotheism, the revolutionary ethic that came into the world 3500 years ago. Back to the Ethic: Reclaiming Western Values will reconnect you historically, philosophically, scientifically, sociologically and psychologically, to that ethic so that you make it your own, protect and defend it and pass it down to future generations.

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Delectable Lie: a liberal repudiation of multiculturalism - Second Edition, by Salim Mansur

This Award Winning book is now in its Second Edition with the addition of a Preface to introduce to the US market! - More timely and relevant than perhaps even when the book was initially written, Delectable Lie is creating a stir around the country as Salim takes a candid look at Western cultures' desire to embrace all cultures as equal and deserving of equal treatment, even to the detriment of their own citizens' freedoms. This book is written BY an immigrant who 'gets it'. This book is opening up discussion and debate on a previously politically incorrect, taboo topic. A must read with the political uproar in the news these days surrounding immigration and terrorism - order your copy today!


To Kill Without a Trace: A Prequel to 9/11, by Gustavo Perednik

Gustavo Perednik's To Kill Without a Trace: A Prequel to 9/11 was first published in Spanish by Planeta, in 2009. Two interlinked events in Buenos Aires, Argentia occurred more than a decade before 9/11, and hardly anyone beyond the center's real and imaginary borders noticed. Although the Argentine government publicly accused Iranian-backed Hezbollah of responsibility for both unprovoked attacks, it was not until 2006 that sufficient legal evidence was finally gathered for the government to be in a position to request that Interpol issue warrants for the arrest of the people allegedly responsible. This lightly-veiled fiction novel is accurately based on reported facts and original legal documents which were provided to the author by the chief investigator in the case. As of today, neither these indicted individuals nor most of their local accessories to the crime have been brought to justice.

The book recounts the events leading up to the bombing of the AMIA (Argentine Israelite Mutual Association) and beyond, exploring the social and political implications both for Argentina and the world.


The Vatican Against Israel: J'ACCUSE, by Giulio Meotti

The Vatican Against Israel: J'accuse by Giulio Meotti, author of The New Shoah, deciphers for the first time, the Vaticans criminalization of the State of Israel and its appeasement of anti-Semitic terrorism in the period between 1945 and 2013.

With Israel still establishing the terms of its existence and the Zionists’ current struggle for their own future, the Vatican has the chance to redeem its past mistakes. Will it do so?


TOLERism: The Ideology Revealed, by Howard Rotberg (Second (Revised) Edition)

"If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them. ... We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant." - Karl Popper

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Romance and Revolution: A Leap of Faith at the Iranian National Ballet, by Clair Symonds

ROMANCE AND REVOLUTION is the uplifting, eye-opening true story of contemporary relevance of one young woman’s long, lonely and often painful journey of empowerment as, with the Revolution and the advent of the Ayatollahs in Iran, she begins to search for solutions which, hitherto, have eluded her. Is absolutely any behaviour acceptable relating to romance? Are there are any limits at all when it comes to unconditional love?


High Noon for America: The Coming Showdown, by Jamie Glazov

Over the course of eight years, Dr. Glazov gathered together some of the great minds of our time to participate in his scintillating series of symposia. Together, this formidable group of prominent Conservative thinkers engage in lively and thought provoking discussions on a variety of timely topics and shed light on fundamental issues that affect the future of America and the world. Order your copy today!


Grasshoppers in Zion: Israel and the Paradox of Modernity, by Stephen Schecter

For far too long we have been telling ourselves the wrong story about Israel, the Arab Muslim world and modernity. Western democracies think the Arab Muslim world is full of people just like us, never understanding that the normal conduct of business in that part of the globe is totally different from what we expect at home. The Jews, in and outside Israel, besides being good moderns and good democrats, continue to act as a family trying to outsmart God. The combination is lethal, Israel is vilified. The Arab Muslim world is allowed to get away with murder. And no one seems to have learned from experience what modern society really is and how to defend it.


Those That Bless You, I Will Bless: Christian Zionism in Historical Perspective, by Paul Merkley

Merkley takes his readers back to the origins of Christian Zionism and recalls the story of Christian attitudes towards the Jews over the two millennia since the destruction of the Second Temple. Confronting the historical distortions of the anti-Zionists, he provides a calm, proud and scholarly defense of Christian Zionism. For readers seeking a deeper understanding of Christian attitudes towards Israel, this is a must read.


Chienke's Motl and Motl's Chienke: A Twentieth Century Story, by Max (Motl) Sivak and Jennie (Chienke) Sivak, edited with commentary by Jacob G. Sivak

Chienke's Motl and Motl's Chienke: A Twentieth Century Story - Order your copy today!


Showdown With Evil: Our Struggle Against Tyranny and Terror, by Jamie Glazov

"With apologies to President Kennedy, Showdown With Evil may represent the highest concentration of intellectual rigor in one place, since any single essay of William F. Buckley." -- Robert C. McFarlane, National Security Advisor to President Reagan, Chairman and CEO of McFarlane Associates, Inc.


For the Love of God and Virgins, by Pamela Peled

For the Love of God and Virgins is a gripping love story that takes place against a background of convoluted agendas. As the action moves between Jerusalem and London the reader is caught up in Jennifer's yearning for peace, both in her country and at home.


Hear, O Israel!, by David Solway

Solway's high-octane writing snaps, crackles and pops with savage but disciplined indignation ... Hear, O Israel! is the best-annotated hymnal - a veritable Google of political crimes and misdemeanors from the left - (found) amongst the sparse but vigorous crop of intellectuals defending Israel and the West today." - Barbara Kay, Pajamas Media


Exploring Vancouverism: The Political Culture of Canada's Lotus Land, by Howard Rotberg

A good read from Howard Rotberg. Exploring Vancouverism: The Political Culture of Canada's Lotus Land is informed and fast moving, revealing as it does with alarming clarity, the political culture of Vancouver, Canada's Lotus eating city.


The Second Catastrophe, by Howard Rotberg

Mantua Books is pleased to re-issue the prescient and controversial novel by Howard Rotberg. This novel about a Canadian professor who writes a book about Israel during the suicide bombings of the Second Intifada has grown in importance and relevance since its original 2003 publication in Canada.


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