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   This is a book, a documentary, about the oldest, most irrational evil: Jew hatred; told through the voices of Biblical and historical figures. Ms. Weber Bederman takes you on a journey through time, sharing the presence of history and our collective memories, beginning where all time begins: The Garden of Eden, where we meet the serpent who has in his mouth the red thread which he takes with him as it connects evil through time. Ms Weber Bederman has chosen to incorporate the Chinese literary device, the red thread, to connect the most evil of humankind, the Amaleks of history. The ones who spread irrational hate.

    All of the events  are historical, factual, and sometimes shared through the stories of the characters: Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jesus, Paul and hitler. One need not be a student of the bible or history to follow the travels of the red thread woven by the serpent from the Garden to the present.   

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Identity and Prejudice by Farrell Bloch presents a theoretical analysis addressing why individuals are biased against certain race and ethnic groups but in favor of others. The book discusses diversity, intersectionality, white privilege, political correctness, identity politics, and self-hate. Bloch applies his theoretical framework to explain the increased black-white intermarriage rate in the United States, European and American reaction to Muslim immigration, anti-Israel sentiment, and many other contemporary issues.  Identity and Prejudice will prove an invaluable asset for those studying or assessing prejudice and discrimination, and will stimulate general readers with its unusual and probing insights into past and current controversies.

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The Crack-Up of the Israeli Left

The Crack-Up of the Israeli Left by Mordechai Nisan examines in detail and depth the cultural, ideological, and political mutation of the Israeli Left. Surveying media pundits, academic personalities, and political representatives, we discern how the Left detached its moorings from reality and principle, raised its voice against the Zionist enterprise, and chose surrender to the Arab enemy. This courageous book, which will leave no reader complacent, is a compelling indictment that minces no words, yet ultimately seeks reconciliation between the Right and the Left in a spirit of unity for Israel in the days ahead. Get your copy here!

Mantua Books is pleased to announce the French translation of Salim Mansur's best-selling Delectable Lie is now available as

Le multiculturalisme, ce doux mensonge!

Currently in its second edition with the addition of a Preface to introduce the book to the American market, the book also received the prestigious "Montaigne Medal" award presented by The Eric Hoffer Book Awards in 2014 for "Most Thought Provoking Book by a Small Press"!

Thank you to Caroline Pageau for translating this ever-relevant book. Buy it here or here!


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The Case Against Jihad

Farzana Hassan's newest book, fittingly published on the anniversary date of 9/11, The Case Against Jihad is above all, a powerful repudiation of terror. Hassan challenges the ideas that sprang from the sociopolitical forces in the formative years of Islam but which some Islamists would force upon citizens of the twenty-first century. She makes a compelling case against jihadi violence and international terror. It is only by refuting the underlying ideology that the world can hope to eradicate terror in the name of radical Islam.

The Case Against Jihad Book Cover


This easy to read and informative book is available at amazon.com and Amazon.ca.


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From the award-winning author, Salim Mansur:

The Qur'an Problem

The Qur'an Problem and Islamism: Reflections of a Dissident Muslim

The Qur’an Problem and Islamism is about religion and politics, Muslims and Islam, and their internal debate about Islamic reform and what it entails. The challenge of any text lies in how it is understood. Any reform of Islam to assist Muslims to reconcile with the modern world must begin with a positive resolution of the “Qur’an problem.”

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The Ideological Path to Submission:

...and what we can do about it

Howard Rotberg in his latest book, traces the ideological pathway resulting from tolerance and explores certain ideologies that have emanated from tolerism and pose a danger of possible submission to the anti-liberal values of the Islamists.

This enlightening book is available at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

Introducing Mantua's Latest Book
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Back to the Ethic:
Reclaiming Western Values

Back to the Ethic: Reclaiming Western Values

We are living in an era of dis-ease. Our belief systems are under attack from external threats of terrorism, and internal threats from the extreme policies of tolerance, inclusion and accommodation that open the door to  behaviors that are anathema to our hard won western freedoms that sadly, too many take for granted. We are losing our connection to the foundation, the very root of Western civilization: ethical monotheism, the revolutionary ethic that came into the world 3500 years ago. Back to the Ethic: Reclaiming Western Values will reconnect you historically, philosophically, scientifically, sociologically and psychologically, to that ethic so that you make it your own, protect and defend it and pass it down to future generations.

Congratulations to our esteemed author, Salim Mansur, on receiving the prestigious "Montaigne Medal" award presented by The Eric Hoffer Book Awards in 2014 for "Most Thought Provoking Book by a Small Press"!

In its second edition with the addition of a Preface to introduce the book to the American market, this book becomes more relevant as time goes on!

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Order your copy of Gustavo Perednik's book today!

To Kill Without a Trace:
Prequel to 9/11 in Argentina

To Kill Without a Trace: A Prequel to 9/11 was previously published in Spanish by Planeta and now this story, more relevant than ever, is being published for the first time in English by Mantua Books Ltd. Two interlinked events in Buenos Aires, Argentina occurred more than a decade before 9/11, and hardly anyone beyond the center's real and imaginary borders noticed. Although the Argentine government publicly accused Iranian-backed Hezbollah of responsibility for both unprovoked attacks, it was not until 2006 that sufficient legal evidence was finally gathered for the government to be in a position to request that Interpol issue warrants for the arrest of the people allegedly responsible. This lightly-veiled fiction novel is accurately based on reported facts and original legal documents which were provided to the author by the chief investigator in the case. As of today, neither these indicted individuals nor most of their local accessories to the crime have been brought to justice.

The book recounts the events leading up to the bombing of the AMIA (Argentine Israelite Mutual Association) and beyond, exploring the social and political implications both for Argentina and the world.

Gustavo Perednik’s To Kill Without a Trace introduces readers to this vitally important chapter in the Holy war that is being waged in Latin America in the name of Islam against the West.


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Read Giulio Meotti's new book NOW!
The Vatican Against Israel:

The Vatican Against Israel: J’accuse deciphers, for the first time, the Vaticans criminalization of the State of Israel and its appeasement to anti-Semitic terrorism in the period between 1945 and 2013.

With Israel still establishing the terms of its existence and the Zionists’ current struggle for its own future, the Vatican has the chance to redeem their past mistakes. Will it do so?

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