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Our Books > Delectable Lie: a liberal repudiation of multiculturalism - Second Edition, by Salim Mansur
Delectable Lie: a liberal repudiation of multiculturalism - Second Edition, by Salim Mansur

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Any other author who might have written such a book might have been chastised for being politically incorrect and/or perhaps even shunned for perhaps appearing racist. Salim Mansur is able to powerfully pull it off, since he is himself an immigrant to Western culture. Born in Calcutta, India, he came to Canada penniless almost 40 years ago, and Canada offered him opportunities. He completed his doctorate in political science and went on to become a professor, a journalist, and one of the founding members of Canadians Against Suicide Bombing, whose efforts resulted in the passing of Canada's Bill S-215 to include suicide bombing as a terrorist activity. Mansur says it best:

From the Author's introduction:

“In our time the ideology of multiculturalism ─ the set of ideas that all cultures are equal and deserving of equal treatment in a liberal democracy such as Canada ─ is linked to the pressing demand for equality in Western societies as these become increasingly multi-ethnic due to immigration and open borders.

“When first proposed, the idea of an “official” multiculturalism program to be sponsored by the state, supported by taxpayers, and monitored and enforced by thought-police (human rights commissions) was at best dubious, and at worst is by its very nature poised against Western liberalism. Moreover … it was based on the false idea ─ another official lie, really ─ that all cultures are equal. However, that is an orthodoxy of the last century increasingly dismissed by serious thinkers. That is because there are established criteria making it possible to judge the achievements of all cultures, whether in the arts and literature, religion, philosophy, technology, modes of governance, or science; but the primary criterion that makes possible all human achievement is freedom.

“My point is that although multiculturalism once seemed a very good idea, at least to politicians and others smitten with the ambition for unity, it is increasingly shown to be a lie ─ a delectable lie, perhaps, yet a lie nevertheless ─ that is destructive of the West’s liberal democratic heritage, tradition, and values based on individual rights and freedoms. This could have been foretold, as indeed those philosophers and historians of ideas who viewed freedom as immeasurably more important than equality in the development of the West did foretell. They admonished people against the temptation to abridge freedom in pursuit of equality.”

This book is now in its second edition, having added a preface to introduce the book to the US market. This book is more relevant than ever with the immigration taking place right now, and world concerns in the news today.

Delectable Lie was the proud recipient of The Montaigne Medal from The Eric Hoffer Book Awards in 2014 for 'Most Thought Provoking Book by a Small Press'!










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