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Hear, O Israel!, by David Solway

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"Hatred of the Jew is the perpetual vestige of Western resentment and vexation against its own civilizing imperative. This too was Winston Churchill's understanding of Jew-hatred, which he described as Western civilation's revolt against its own central values as manifeted in art, science and political and religious institutions. It is no exaggeration to say that the Jew is the test case of a civilzation - a test we appear to have failed. The spectacle we are observing today - the reluctance to deal adequately with terrorism, the political contriving against our own best interests, the serpentine efforts to exculpate the enemy, the relativizing of moral principle, the Left's betrayal of its own liberal culture, the renewed "treason of the intellectuals", and especially the mounting acerbity toward Jews in the court of public opinion and the isolation of Israel as a pariah state - is merely the modern instantiation of this long offensive against our very survival."

-excerpt from Hear, O Israel! by David Solway

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