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Our Books > The Ideological Path to Submission: ...and what we can do about it, by Howard Rotberg
The Ideological Path to Submission: ...and what we can do about it, by Howard Rotberg

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Rotberg traces the ideological pathway resulting from tolerance and explores certain ideologies that have emanated from tolerism and pose a danger of possible submission to the anti-liberal values of the Islamists. He looks at such ideologies as Inclusive Diversity, Empathy, Denialism, Masochism, Islamophilia, Trumpophobia, Cultural Relativism, Postmodernism, Multiculturalism and the psychological factors that conduce to a flight from the anxieties of freedom to a submission to the enemy.

Rotberg invites those Muslims wishing to share Western freedoms, to support reformers and participate in their essential duty to reject the Islamists who seek Sharia Law and a world-wide Caliphate in lands where they immigrate to.

The sooner we understand the ideologies that lead us from tolerism to submission to the enemy, and that we can have a moral replacement to postmodernism, and the sooner we follow the Israeli example of resistance, patriotism and social cohesion as a way to build social resilience, the sooner we can reverse our losses and start winning this war.

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