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Gustavo Perednik


Gustavo Perednik, Mantua Books’ latest esteemed author to join its slate of talented writers, is the author of 14 books and more than 1000 articles on Jews and modernity, and has lectured at universities in fifty countries on Jews, Jewish Civilization and Israel. His books include Achitophel (1988), I am a Hebrew (1989), Judeophobia (2001), Great Thinkers (2005), Darwin’s Silence (2006), Spain Derailed - Islamist Terror and the Awakening of the West (2007), and The Motherland Was a Book (2010), Mankind and Chess (2012), An Autopsy of Socialism (2013, coauthored with the economist Alberto Benegas Lynch), Since Eichmann’s Trial (2014) and Sabra (2014, coauthored with Marcos Aguinis). Perednik's book, To Kill Without a Trace: Prequel to 9/11 was originally released in Spanish in 2009 by Planeta and has now been translated into English.

Perednik graduated from the Universities of Buenos Aires and Jerusalem (cum laude) and he completed doctoral studies in Philosophy in New York and took courses at the Sorbonne (France), San Marcos (Peru) and Uppsala (Sweden). He was distinguished as outstanding lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he ran the four-year preparatory and freshman programs, the Institute for Jewish Leaders from Abroad, and the Ai Tian Program for Jewish Understanding in China. He resides with his family in the outskirts of Jerusalem.

On the anniversary of 9/11, Perednik's book, To Kill Without a Trace: Prequel to 9/11 is now available for order. Order your copy of this thinly veiled fiction book today. 

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